We have a balanced Dowser Training Agenda throughout the year, Talks & Workshops on, Health & Healing, Earth Energies, Archaeology, Special Interests (UFO’s, Crop Circles etc.) + Water Dowsing. We are regularly called out to find water leaks and locate Water Boreholes on Farms, Horse studs & Golf courses and we organise Dowsing & Water Dowsing Courses for many Groups.


We are an East Anglian consortium of trained, experienced dowsers (water diviners) working in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. We offer all the traditional dowsing skills for borehole location etc. and can provide a complete ‘house healing’ service. Check out our fantastic range of courses and talks!


Dowsing is the art of detecting underground water by the use of a pendulum , rod or other hand-held device. Dowsers can detect many other things besides water, including earth energies, ley lines; and underground archaeological remains. We can also detect electromagnetic emissions from overhead power lines, wifi and other electrical devices. We can determine whether all these energies are harmful or healthy.


Yes it does, although nobody fully understands why this should be the case. Many dowsers believe that they are responding to minute changes in the background electromagnetic field such as might be generated by water passing through the ground. Humans and animals all receive such signals subliminally. The dowser, however, consciously tunes in to them.

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We have a balanced Dowser Training Agenda throughout the year,…